Web design is a term used quite a bit these days, but most people aren’t really sure what it encompasses. The way a website is designed can determine much more than how it looks. When people visit a site, they decide within the first few seconds whether they have found the perfect place to buy the products and services they want. This has just as much to do with how information is presented as well as how functional the site is.

Appearance isn’t everything, but it does make the most immediate impact on visitors. When someone searches for a product online, they want to visit a site that looks like the business owner is trying hard to make a good impression. If the site looks like something that was designed in the early nineties, visitors aren’t likely to be impressed.

Presentation is very important when it comes to influencing the decision to make a purchase. Information needs to be presented in a fluid and effective manner. If the site isn’t formatted properly, the main content of the site can look disjointed and confusing. The design of the site should make it easy to present the main content of the site in a way that helps convert visitors into customers.

Navigation is one thing all websites need. Clear and responsive buttons allow visitors to find just what they need quickly. Non-responsive buttons can be incredibly frustrating to visitors. Professional web designers know how to create a site that responds when users click and make the site easy to maintain so it stays responsive.

Advertising can be a reliable source of income for some businesses. Professional web design can make it much easier to provide space for advertising. Business owners can’t afford to have a website that doesn’t get results. Even if the site doesn’t provide an immediate increase in sales, it can at least provide income from pay per click advertising. Many successful business sites lend some of their success to other sites by providing advertising space. Some advertisements can provide a respectable income, especially if the site hosting the ad experienced high traffic.